Conflict Specialists

Engaging constructively with conflict

As mediator, advocate, organiser, facilitator or coach, we help people have productive conversations about serious issues and complex difficulties.

Hollier and Hart have many years experience advising and supporting organisations in a wide range of contexts in the private, public and non-government sectors.  This wide exposure to complex issues with significant commercial implications has helped us develop a sound understanding of the strategic issues faced by organisations. 

We use an extensive toolkit of mediation, conflict coaching, group consultation and decision making processes.  The focus may be:

  • resolving and managing disputes, conflicts, grievance or complaints
  • consulting and engaging with communities, either internal or external
  • strategic problem solving, business planning and managing change
  • building skills and capacity
  • clarifying values and encouraging ethical conduct
  • developing dispute/grievance/complaint management processes, work practices, customer service standards.

We help individuals, teams and organisations to:

  • understand and articulate the issues which are confronting them
  • identify and explore a range of options to address these issues
  • craft appropriate and realistic solutions
  • develop implementation strategies which work.
  • defuse resistance
  • connect with a hostile audience.

Conflict, dispute, grievance and complaint management

We help organisations develop processes for handling conflicts, disputes, grievance and complaints. Our aim is to ensure that these processes are fair and accountable, and that they resolve issues quickly.

Where the organisation already has a process for managing these issues, we can help raise staff awareness and understanding of that process.  We also assist organisations in developing, strengthening or updating these processes and strengthening the skills of the grievance or complaint handlers specifically charged with implementing the process effectively.


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