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We have an extensive toolkit of group consultation and decision making processes, to structure and maintain momentum in discussions.

The focus may be:

  • strategic and business planning
  • consulting and engaging with communities, either internal or external
  • refining work processes and practices
  • defining customer service standards
  • developing role descriptions
  • managing change, clarifying values
  • developing online communications - user centred design for highly usable websites and intranets.


Sample assignments

A sample of our facilitation assignments includes:

  • Regular half-day workshops involving Senior Executive responsible for the HR function of 9 major Australian and global blue-chip companies from the financial services, FMCG, infrastructure, business services and IT sectors
  • Business and strategic planning for national organisations
  • Business visioning for state-wide organisations
  • Business plan stakeholder evaluation and feedback session
  • Major stakeholder evaluation of a $22M state-wide project
  • In developing a state-based response to a federal funding initiative, helping a directorate within a major government department liaise with >100 representatives across the state, with stakeholders both within the Department and from outside (including community groups and service providers)
  • Establishing and analysing an inventory of all the ‘deliberative’ processes that have occurred in Australia, such as citizens juries, consensus conferences and ‘enquiries by design’
  • Helping a relatively new group of about 40 committed professionals to find ways to resolve their tensions and take charge of their relationships
  • Coaching a consortium of primary producers preparing for difficult negotiations with a major purchaser of their produce
  • Providing group training and individual coaching in conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, management and team leader skills, teamwork, managing performance, problem solving, decision making and associated areas.




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