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Our articles

Mediation: Skills and Techniques
Professor Laurence Boulle's recently revised book provides a comprehensive guide for reflective practitioners, both new and experienced.

Tools for loosening the problem-story
Rigid with righteous fury, people deep in conflict accuse, blame and denigrate the other party. Effective ADR requires some way of helping people relax these tightly bound problem-stories.


Conflict specialists and public confrontation
With big issues, people often talk but don't listen. Fiona Hollier and Phillip Hart explore approaches for identifying and managing the issues, stakeholders and decision-makers; the components of an effective process; and their learnings so far.

Tools for loosening the problem-story
Using case studies and exercises, Phillip Hart explores powerful new tools from the narrative approach to help parties find new ways of relating to each other.

Narrative tools for helping people shift
Phillip Hart explores systematic, easily remembered, ready-to-use tools that can help parties make shifts that free up the conversation.

Narrative mediation
Richard Cohen speaks with Phillip Hart about narrative medation describing it as a transformative mediation process designed to assist parties to get beyond negative patterns and develop empathy, deeper understandings, reflection, competency and strength.

Islamic approaches to divorce in North America
Julie Macfarlane describes to Phillip Hart her research into how Islamic people in a non-Muslim country integrate Islamic principles as they deal with marriage and divorce issue.

The New Lawyer
What practices have become central to the new practice of law? Julie Macfarlane discusses with Phillip Hart the extensive research presented in her new book, The New Lawyer, How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law.


We have delivered the following topics at a range of conferences, seminars and workshops. We would be happy to discuss them in more detail:

Increasing the use of ADR in civil matters
LEADR Network Meeting 2009 Sydney

Narrative tools for helping people shift
LEADR Network Meeting 2008 Sydney

Conflict specialists and public confrontations
LEADR International Conference 2007 Wellington

Tools for loosening the problem-story
LEADR International Conference 2007 Wellington

Beyond the horror stories
New Racisms – New Anti-Racisms Conference 2006 Sydney

Riding the tiger: resolving complex many-party issues
National Mediation Conference  2006 Hobart

What randomness and deliberation can do for community engagement
UN International Conference on Engaging Communities 2005 Brisbane

Connecting with a hostile audience
IAP2 Asia Pacific Conference 2005  Homebush Bay

Randomly imagining Australia:  Leigh and Carson
IAP2 Asia Pacific Conference 2005  Homebush Bay

The ‘Influence’ Challenge
IAP2 Asia Pacific Conference 2005  Homebush Bay

Practical tools for multi-party negotiations
Beyond Declarations – Working Partnerships for Sustainability National Conference  2005 Manly





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